Ant-Man & the Wasp – Ghost Villain Altered

It is a good thing to see when the fight between the same genders is done especially with super power using high-tech. This is the idea between Wasp and Ghost who will be fighting in a great battle in the movie Ant-Man & the Wasp. This is not your normal big-screen cat fight, the battle sequence demonstrates an all-out comic book fight, while the characters using their individual powers with their skills.

There are plenty of things that are altered in this movie, especially about Wasp who is a super villain in another timeline in the future. Nonetheless, in order to make new version of The Wasp, they have created a new villain called Ghost. While the new Ghost villain of the movie is a female, the original Ghost villain is a male one. He is a very great engineer and IT experts who created new form of computer system which works very well without having any problem with overheating. After learning the truth about the dirty business and practices of his employer, they want to eliminate him but after merging with his technology, he returns to destroy them all. With his new technology he has the power to become invisible and intangible at his will.

In other Marvel Comics, The Ghost has been an enemy of the Iron man, since The Ghost task is to destroy any corporate products and or steal them. But this time around, the Ghost villain of Ant-Man & the Wasp is female played by Hanna John-Kamen. All of Ghost’s abilities and technology used in Marvel Comics was the same power The Ghost used although in a female version. However it still unclear if the female Ghost of the movie has the same background as the Ghost of the Marvel Comics. We don’t know yet what is the main objective of the female Ghost but surely we will get to see great action and fight scene in the movie.

Another fascinating thing we can observe in the trailer is when Scott Lang is just observing Wasp and Ghost fighting while Hank Pym also next beside him. Maybe they will give the Ant-Man and the Ghost great fights. Of course, we can speculate right now that Scott and Hank are worried about Wasp’s life even though she manages to go toe to toe against a mysterious enemy who is trying to still the Pym’s technology. And so Scott finally come to aid, however before he tries to work on his suit, Hank give him a new piece of Ant-Man technology which is not yet totally perfected and not yet tested. Of course, Scott who is tech lover was so mesmerized about the new Ant-Man tech and fan as well are expecting that the new suit will make the movie very wonderful that the previous one.

Certainly, we cannot get rid of the funny and thrilling lines of the movie, especially with Scott Lang who is serious and at the same very full of wit. To sum it all, the movie trailer might given us few hints about the Ghost or even the fight scene between the Wasp and the Ghost villain but it is not enough just to look few hints but bring your friends and family especially those who love Marvel Comics and see them on the big screen for the second time. In all honesty this is very a wonderful movie and you won’t regret buying the tickets or watching this online in great quality for free.

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