What Deadpool Movie is All About

Some time ago, Deadpool was just a character that was loved by diehard fans of comic book especially those who really love X-Men: Origins for any reason? Until Ryan Reynolds enter into the scene on 2016 and got the chance to play the role of Deadpool for real. Fortunately, Deadpool has become the second highest R-rated movie not just on that year but of all time and also the most outstanding X-men movie that have ever made.

Now that everyone knows that an R rating is no longer a hindrance for success with regards to superhero blockbusters of comic book movies in this golden age, what are we going to expect now for Deadpool 2?
We will be able to see Ryan Reynolds once again squeezing back into that tight red-and-black suit. Based on the information of the marketing and from director David Leitch who was also the director of the movie John Wick and Atomic Blonde, the film takes Deadpool (who also known as the Merc with a Mouth because of his sense of humor) into a dynamic team as he forms X-force, a militant mutant group. Their mission is to save a young mutant who has been the target of a time-traveling cyborg Cable, played by Josh Brolin. This is actually his second consecutive role as Marvel antagonist after he played Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and many of us can’t wait for it.

Furthermore, as a follow-up to the enormous blockbuster hit of 2016, Deadpool 2 will also lead into a spin-off X-Force movie which is written and directed Drew Goddard, the Director of the film The Cabin in the Woods. While most of us assume that these team members that are featured in Deadpool 2 (Zeitgeist, Domino, Shatterstar, Bedlam, and Peter) will be back for X-Force, still we are waiting for the confirmation from most of them although Zazie Beetz (Domino) has recently revealed the three-picture deal with Fox news.
One of the Deadpool 2 trailers has a clip where one of his trusties Dopinder, who is a cab driver, declares about the strong thighs of Deadpool where he sustains to wear extremely high heels while in a fight scene. A new TV spot shows a bit from that scene with stripper Deadpool and a shot in which he wears a gorgeous blond wig. In the meantime, in another new TV spot, Peter, the X-force’s most vain recruit gets more practical when it comes to skincare. He used to apply sun lotion before he they will perform most especially during the epic helicopter sky diving scene.

For Josh Brolin, Deadpool 2 will be the second huge superhero outing of the year for him as he played the role of Thanos, the purple super villain from the planet Titan in the movie Avengers: Infinity War. We can see him in this movie as Cable, a time traveling cyborg who has a mechanical arm and huge gun.
In thee second television spot; it was revealed that the intention of Cable is really to kill the young mutant which is played Julian Dennison apart from capturing him. Yet, we still don’t have any idea who this kid really is and why Cable wants him to be killed.

In Deadpool 2, if Cable shows a high end seriousness scale in this movie, then Peter represents the opposite because of his peak silliness. Based on the latest trailer of the movie, Deapool recruits the X-Force members through LinkedIn and Peter, regardless of his lack of qualifications, still decides to show up. And fortunately, he made it to the team since Deapool don’t set high standards.

As for how far Deadpool ends up for his sense of humor which comes to the point that he wears big blond wig and high heels, well, that’s really likely for a character like Wade Wilson. Meanwhile, we don’t need to question it since May 18 is fast approaching. Let’s just stay put and enjoy the show.

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