Urban Legends: Final Cut

Film student Amy Mayfield (Stir of Echoes' Jennifer Morrison) decides to make a student film based on the events of the first Urban Legends after she hears the story from security guard Reese (Loretta Devine, reprising her role). Sure enough, her cast and crew start getting murdered one by one, with some deaths even related to the scene she is filming. Surrounding these incidents, there is a cutthroat filmmaking competition at the fictional Alpine University campus, with an award so valuable that it guarantees the winner will go on to make Hollywood movies (that's how Spielberg got his start, right?).

One student (Matthew Davis) has already taken his own life due to the pressures of the contest, but his twin brother arrives with suspicions that it was a murder designed to cover up a greater crime, so Davis gets to keep acting. As the film progresses, it becomes clear that the film contest and suicide are related somehow to the murders -- and Amy must stay alive long enough to solve it all. This may not be the concise and uncontrived storytelling of Scream 3, but you've got to admit it's more interesting than I Still Know Who You Did Last Summer.

The acting is quite solid, at least to the extent that it is a group of young adults trying to make it in Hollywood playing a group of young adults trying to make it in Hollywood. But they get through the teen-drama conflict scenes with respectable efforts to downplay the cheese. In addition to Morrison, the supporting cast includes Joseph Lawrence (the artist formerly known as Joey "Whoa" Lawrence) and Hart Bochner (remember him as the guy who tried to sell Bruce Willis out to the terrorists in Die Hard).

Do not misunderstand. This is not a good horror movie. This is not a loyal sequel. It is an entertaining work of subversive parody. It takes an open mind to find the good in a movie like Urban Legends: Final Cut. If your mind is as open as the front of Jennifer Lopez's clothing, then you should find a lot to enjoy in this film.


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