Volcanic Bases and more with Boom Beach Updates

Great to see Boom Beach getting constant updates. Speaking of which, there is a new update for the said game. It is not a massive one, but still this is something to be excited about. The stuff are really cool and the following are enumerated below.

New Contents for Boom Beach:

  • Updated contents on volcanoes, statues, graphics, effects, and building bases

  • Enhanced statistics and report on daily summary, enemy activity log, armory interface

  • and the most requested stuff like growing trees, building destruction speed up after HQ is destroyed, dive location for HQ level 5 on radar

  • Of course, fixes on bugs and glitches available before

The overall impression, as far as gaming experience is concern with the new update, is that it looks cleaner and refreshing. There are lot more shadows, and there are lot more darker effects. It looks pretty cool but the thing that stands out are the statues. It looks nicer compared to the ones we see before. The power stones are glowing and everything looks a lot better.

Let us go ahead and have a look at the new volcano base content. These volcano bases are scattered all around the map. The significance of such bases is this is where you can go and get the magma shards, magma crystals, and anything related to magma that can be used for the sculptor, power stones, and statues. There are also noticeable improvements on the smoke effects on the flame throwers. During attacks where troops are trying to get rid of the defenses of the enemy base but there are some you attack that cannot be defeated with single blow. It requires more and you need to wait for several minutes and also defending on how high the level of the troops, the higher the level the more costly and the longer the time to train them. So expect to wait more time for your second attack. But there is an easy way for you to attack instantly and that is to use boom beach diamond tips. There is a noticeable ring where it specifies the safe area for the troops. This comes in handy especially if you are trying to survive from the enemy. It makes a lot of a difference.

As mentioned above, hunting magma can be hard to come by, but with the advent of volcanic bases, the chances of getting those crystals, shards etc. are highly likely. Though it may still come by chance, at least Supercell made it possible for Boom Beach players to really enjoy the game a lot more with such content update. It might be a year late but still, its good and people who have been waiting for it are really reaping the fruits of their labor.

Digging Down the Hay Day Game Basics

This article shows a gamer the different ways to begin the game. The gamer starts having a small farm and a small allocation of game coins and gems. He will need to grow crops which could be sold and turned into animal feed or even goods like pastries. The coins might be used to buy farm equipments and are also the type of payment received when goods are sold, either at the roadside stall, by filling up orders or when visiting neighbors. The gems are used to speed up the video game. Gems are more difficult to acquire, generally being awarded when the gamer moves up a level or completes certain achievements. They can occasionally be won in games of chance.

Animals could be bought. They need to be fed and also tended to gather eggs, milk etc. A bakery, dairy, sugar mill and also even more can be purchased with money earned. Some tasks have long haul periods up until the goods are grown/produced. Players can visit or view surrounding farms to check out their set up and purchase items. A few of the neighboring farms are actually those of fictitious game characters. There certainly are numerous levels to progress through, each adding new things which could be purchased, accessed or produced.

In case you get Tiny Tower to the country, you will get the Hay Day iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app. You fix up a farm, cultivate crops, and develop products to sell, so you can earn coins, power ups, and friends within the country side. The Hay Day iPhone application has bright graphics, a bluegrass soundtrack, and also simple tools.

The Hay Day iPhone app starts along with the completely unnecessary, yet charming story that you have actually inherited a farm from your grand uncle. You obtain a chance to take care of it up by painting the outbuilding, house, and silo. After that, you transfer methodically through planting and growing your first crop and also developing a chicken coop. As you earn points, your coins build up so as to build and also buy devices to convert your crops right into marketable items like a bakery and also a feed mill. A specific time period must pass for items to grow and be prepared, so you can switch on notifications to let you know whenever your support is required.

Players can also sign into Facebook to play this game. Whenever a player signs into Facebook, a few of their information become available for some other players to see. Their roadside stall takes on the gamers’ first name. Their profile photo appears in the game's pamphlet of produce which is for sale. Some other players' photos are also visible to the gamer. It is actually also feasible to view other players' farms, along with the farm's statistics regarding sales etc. It is feasible to 'Like' other gamer's farm and also to end up being a Follower. Many of the other gamers' names are in foreign languages and scripts, showing they are located in numerous countries around the world.