Pokemon Duel Latest 2017 Another Game from Heroz

You might not know that when Pokemon Go come out its one of the hottest game last year 2016. Gamers and none alike are jumping on it .But some issue have arises with the outcome of the game. Its not safe to play that game since you are very much prone to accident. Why would you travel for several miles just to get some character or to challenge other player.

Well I not going to talk about about Go here but its about Pokemon duel this is totally different from Go, you have to travel for this game .. while Duel you need real money to upgrade your character or by playing hours upon hours if you don’t like to spend.

Sure you will never stop getting exciting when Pokemon game comes around especially on android or ios. Here goes another Pokemon game right now which has lots of critics and feedback on it. While the name of the game is popular because it is Pokemon, ill give you background what is this new Pokemon game is all about. Pokemon Duel is so popular right now, but without any doubt the game right now has gathered lots of gamer online. However there is downside to this game, for instance you need to wait patiently in order for you use single players parts. Since multiplayer parts is the basic training you must deal with as you begin in the game.

Basically this is a boardgame. You will be given six Pokemon and the objective of the game is to be the one to get to the opponents’s goal area or space. While you need to be careful to make your moves, protect as well your own space. Such a brainy games.

To put simply, you can imagine of backgammon or even chess coming together in the game. Now think of it with added few tricks as you put your characters in the board going to your opponents space. There are also moments that you need to spin a wheel for some bonuses or doing some ramdom updates. There are plenty of things going on with the game.

Yes they said that the game is a bit of complicated but the more you are expose to the game and learn the mechanics of it, it will be more fun to flow in the game. While moving your pokemons in the board is just so simple but think first before you make your move or have an advance plan. There is battle involve in the game since your monster that will be facing other monster will have to face off. Victory and losses will determine your monsters skills, size, categories and how you farm them.

The monsters are quick, short and you may as well have to avoid stronger pokemons in the board if you have to. The good thing is that you can get help from an AI in your screen in case you don’t know what to do next. It should be pretty great since the game can be played in fast-paced and you level up quickly but the game has its flaws. One is the lag, sometimes in the game when your press the menu you will need to wait like forever just to access to menu. Another thing is crashes, which means while you are in verge of winning then you get crash in the game and that’s not good right. Finding an opponent as well online can be a headache as well.


You might be hearing some positive or negative reviews about Pokemon duel but if you really want to have fun then this game will not let you down if you get use in the game.If you have not decide yet which to play pokemon game  try the pokemon sun which you can find it here its very addicting and you will have great time playing it .




How To Get Rid Of The Yahoo Toolbar From Firefox

Delete Yahoo Toolbar

Getting rid of the Yahoo Toolbar is one thing that many people want to do at any given time. This has less to do with the browser addon being useless – it’s not – than the fact that it commonly gets installed without the user’s consent. Chrome and Firefox are two of the browsers whose users face this problem, and you find these people commonly looking up how to remove Yahoo Toolbar.

And as of Jan 2013, this is no longer a product supported by Yahoo, meaning the smartest thing to do when you find it, is remove it. If it’s installed in the browser already, you can only remove it, and not edit or modify. The latest release version is

The features

The main thing a toolbar does is give you software services which you can use to get to their website fast, as well as do other stuff related to their email and social network provisions.

When yahoo toolbar gets into Firefox, you have the following installed as part of the package: the mail icon, search, mail, local weather report, bookmarks, Social media, YouTube, etc. Some of these apps don’t work all the time however, and over time this can get annoying. This is another thing which makes people look up how to remove Yahoo Toolbar.

Removal form Firefox 18

Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar

Scrapping Yahoo Toolbar

None of the browser versions since Firefox 16 support this toolbar. So the best option if you find it installed, is to remove it.

Go to the Add-ons menu and click on Extensions. You’ll get Add-ons from the Firefox button at the top left.
You’ll now see a window showing a list of the installed extensions. Some of these you’d have installed yourself, while others are there by default. You’ll need to find the entry for Yahoo! Toolbar x.x.x, with x.x.x denoting the version number.
Choose the extension, and then select the latter of these three options: Options, Disable, and Remove. Disable is the one that lets you stop the thing for a few sessions, while still keeping it around for later use. To get rid of it completely, hit the Remove button.

Make sure that you uninstall Yahoo toolbar as soon as you find it, because it’s been disclaimed by the manufacturing company. That means it’s unsecure, and there’s nothing to be gained from risking your browser data by keeping this addon.